Booking of cruise

Package selection

The boat crew will prepare refreshments in the form of great food and drinks for your private cruise that will make you feel happy and satisfied. All it takes is either to select one of the given, time-proven catering packages or to choose the option of tailoring the catering to your needs.

Cold buffet

large plates with ham, prosciutto, spicy Italian salami, several types of cheese and Balkan bread
(1, 7)

225 Kč
for 1 person
Warm buffet

large plates with ćevapi, uštipci, home-made sausages, chicken steaks, pork steaks, ajvar dip and urnebes spread
(1, 7)

375 Kč
for 1 person
I'm not interested in catering

Maybe I'll order something on the boat from the Standard Menu.

Price according to the
price list
Special catering

we will arrange the perfect catering for you, e. g. seafood, vegeterian, gluten-free diet, etc.

Price by agreement